The shelter is staffed 24 hours per day by paid staff. During the business week the program is managed by a full time Executive Director, Operations Manager and Housing Access Coordinator/Case Manager. A live-in house manager is present to cover the overnight shifts. 






Family Pathways Project


The FPP provides short term, community shelter to 5 homeless families with children at

any given time. Each family is given their own, private bedroom and is able to share

common area spaces such as dining room, kitchen, personal mini-fridge, living room and

lawn for children to play.


All rent, utilities and most food costs are assumed by the MIHN agency.  Families are

offered clothes and any necessary daily living supplies.


Every family receives intensive case management services on a weekly basis.  Assistance

and referral is offered with regard to job search, daycare, health services, mental health

services, SSI, apartment search, health insurance, state and federal programs, custody

issues, court appearances etc.              

Any life obstacle that has proved to be a barrier for a family is discussed

and strategies are identified to eliminate/minimize its affect.

Montachusett Interfaith Hospitality Network